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Pityriasis versicolor

pityriasis versicolor pityriasis ver·si·col·or (vûr’sĭ-kŭl’ər)
See tinea versicolor.


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    [pit-uh-roid] /ˈpɪt əˌrɔɪd/ adjective, Medicine/Medical. 1. scaly; resembling bran. pityroid pit·y·roid (pĭt’ĭ-roid’) adj. Furfuraceous.

  • Pityrosporum

    Pityrosporum Pit·y·ros·po·rum (pĭt’ĭ-rŏs’pər-əm, pĭt’ĭ-rō-spôr’əm) n. A genus of fungi that includes one species that can cause tinea versicolor and another that is found primarily on the face and scalp and appears in dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

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