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[puh-zaz] /pəˈzæz/

noun, Informal.
energy; vitality; vigor.
attractive style; dash; flair.
(informal) an attractive combination of energy and style; sparkle, vitality, glamour Also called pazzazz, pazazz, pzazz

also pizzaz; pizzazz, 1937, probably originally college or show-biz slang.

Pizazz, to quote the editor of the Harvard Lampoon, is an indefinable dynamic quality, the je ne sais quoi of function; as for instance, adding Scotch puts pizazz into a drink. Certain clothes have it, too. [“Harper’s Bazaar,” March 1937]


Energy; power; pep, piss and vinegar: What’s missing is overall pizzazz and pace

[1937+; origin unknown; perhaps echoically suggested by piss, ass, and piss and vinegar]


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