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A PL/I-like system language for the Honeywell operating system, CP-6.


Read Also:

  • Pl516

    An ALGOL-like assembly language for the DDP-516, similar to PL360. [“PL 516, An ALGOL-like Assembly Language for the DDP-516”, B.A. Wichmann, Natl Phys Lab UK, Report CCU 9, 1970]. (1995-01-05)

  • Pl.8

    A systems dialect of PL/I, developed originally for the IBM 801 RISC minicomputer, later used internally for IBM RT and R/6000 development. [“An Overview of the PL.8 Compiler”, M. Auslander et al, Proc SIGPLAN ’82 Symp on Compiler Writing]. (1995-01-05)

  • PLA

    1. . abbreviation 1. Port of London Authority language, music A high-level music programming language, written in SAIL. Pla includes concurrency based on message passing. [“Pla: A Composer’s Idea of a Language”, B. Schottstaedt, Computer Music J 7(1):11-20, Winter 1983]. (1999-06-04)

  • Plaas

    /plɑːs/ noun 1. (South African) a farm

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