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[pleys-neym] /ˈpleɪsˌneɪm/

the given to or held by a geographical location, as a town, city, village, etc.


Read Also:

  • Placement-test

    noun, Education. 1. a test to determine a student’s level of ability in one or more subjects in order to place the student with others of the same approximate ability.

  • Plain old telephone service

    communications (POTS) The traditional voice service provided by phone companies, especially when opposed to data services. Note that the acronym POTS is sometimes expanded as “Plain Old Telephone System” in which sense it is synonymous to Public Switched Telephone Network but used somewhat derogatively. (1998-05-18)

  • Plain old telephone system

    Public Switched Telephone Network

  • Plain-people

    plural noun 1. members of the Amish, the Mennonites, or the Dunkers: so named because they stress simple living.

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