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Placenta fenestrata

placenta fenestrata placenta fen·es·tra·ta (fěn’ĭ-strā’tə)
A placenta in which there are areas of thinning, sometimes involving the lack of placental tissue in some areas.


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  • Placenta increta

    placenta increta placenta in·cre·ta (ĭn-krē’tə) n. Placenta accreta in which chorionic villi invade the myometrium.

  • Placental

    [pluh-sen-tuh] /pləˈsɛn tə/ noun, plural placentas, placentae [pluh-sen-tee] /pləˈsɛn ti/ (Show IPA) 1. Anatomy, Zoology. the organ in most mammals, formed in the lining of the uterus by the union of the uterine mucous membrane with the membranes of the fetus, that provides for the nourishment of the fetus and the elimination of its waste […]

  • Placental barrier

    placental barrier n. The semipermeable layer of tissue in the placenta that serves as a selective membrane to substances passing from maternal to fetal blood.

  • Placental circulation

    placental circulation n. Circulation of blood through the placenta during intrauterine life, serving fetal needs for aeration, absorption, and excretion.

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