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[plas-er] /ˈplæs ər/

noun, Mining.
a surficial mineral deposit formed by the concentration of small particles of heavy minerals, as gold, rutile, or platinum, in gravel or small sands.
the site of a form of mining (placer mining) in which a placer deposit is washed to separate the gold or other valuable minerals.
[pley-ser] /ˈpleɪ sər/
a person who sets things in their or arranges them.
a person or animal that is among the winners of a race or other contest.

A surface deposit of minerals, such as gold or magnetite, laid down by a river. The minerals are usually concentrated in one area because they are relatively heavy and therefore settle out of the river’s currents more quickly than lighter sediments such as silt and sand. ◇ The extraction of minerals from placers, as by panning, washing, or dredging, is called placer mining.


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