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[plak-ert] /ˈplæk ərt/

noun, Armor.
2 .


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  • Placode

    [plak-ohd] /ˈplæk oʊd/ noun, Embryology. 1. a local thickening of the endoderm in the embryo, that usually constitutes the primordium of a specific structure or organ. placode plac·ode (plāk’ōd’) n. An area of thickening in the embryonic epithelial layer from which some organ or structure later develops.

  • Placket

    [plak-it] /ˈplæk ɪt/ noun 1. the opening or slit at the top of a skirt, or in a dress or blouse, that facilitates putting it on and taking it off. 2. a pocket, especially one in a woman’s skirt. 3. Archaic. /ˈplækɪt/ noun (dressmaking) 1. a piece of cloth sewn in under a closure with […]

  • Placoderm

    [plak-uh-durm] /ˈplæk əˌdɜrm/ noun 1. any of various extinct jawed fishes of the class Placodermi, dominant in seas and rivers during the Devonian Period and characterized by bony armored plates on the head and upper trunk. /ˈplækəˌdɜːm/ noun 1. any extinct bony-plated fishlike vertebrate of the class Placodermi, of Silurian to Permian times: thought to […]

  • Placoid

    [plak-oid] /ˈplæk ɔɪd/ adjective 1. platelike, as the scales or dermal investments of sharks. /ˈplækɔɪd/ adjective 1. platelike or flattened 2. (of the scales of sharks and other elasmobranchs) toothlike; composed of dentine with an enamel tip and basal pulp cavity

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