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[pleyn-feeld] /ˈpleɪnˌfild/

a city in N New Jersey.
a town in NE Connecticut.


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    plain film n. An x-ray taken without the use of a contrast medium.

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    noun 1. flour to which no raising agent has been added

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    [pleyn] /pleɪn/ verb (used without object), British Dialect. 1. to complain. /pleɪn/ adjective 1. flat or smooth; level 2. not complicated; clear: the plain truth 3. not difficult; simple or easy: a plain task 4. honest or straightforward 5. lowly, esp in social rank or education 6. without adornment or show: a plain coat 7. […]

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    [pleyn-jeyn] /ˈpleɪnˈdʒeɪn/ adjective, Informal. 1. simple and modest; unadorned; basic: a plain-Jane car dressed up with leather upholstery. noun, Informal. 1. a drab, unattractive, and generally uninteresting girl or woman. “unattractive woman,” first attested 1912. adjective phrase Unadorned; stark; no-frills:”Plain Jane” is how one gun collector describes the look [1912+; the earliest examples read plain […]

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