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[planch, plahnch] /plæntʃ, plɑntʃ/

a flat piece of metal, stone, or baked clay, used as a tray in an enameling oven.
British Dialect.


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    [plan-chit] /ˈplæn tʃɪt/ noun 1. a flat piece of metal for stamping as a coin; a coin blank. /ˈplɑːntʃɪt/ noun 1. a piece of metal ready to be stamped as a coin, medal, etc; flan n. “metal disk out of which a coin is made,” 1610s, from French planchette, literally “a small board,” diminutive of […]

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    [plan-shet, -chet] /plænˈʃɛt, -ˈtʃɛt/ noun 1. a small, heart-shaped board supported by two casters and a pencil or stylus that, when moved across a surface by the light, unguided pressure of the fingertips, is supposed to trace meaningful patterns or written messages revealing subconscious thoughts, psychic phenomena, clairvoyant messages, etc. /plɑːnˈʃɛt/ noun 1. a heart-shaped […]

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