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[plan-ter, plahn-] /ˈplæn tər, ˈplɑn-/

a person who .
an implement or machine for seeds in the ground.
the owner or manager of a .
History/Historical. a colonist or new settler.
a decorative container, of a variety of sizes and shapes, for growing flowers or ornamental .
the owner or manager of a plantation
a machine designed for rapid, uniform, and efficient planting of seeds in the ground
a colonizer or settler
a decorative pot or stand for house plants

“one who sows seeds,” late 14c., agent noun from plant (v.). Mechanical sense by 1850. Meaning “proprietor of a cultivated estate in West Indies or southern colonies of North America” is from 1640s, hence planter’s punch (1924). Meaning “a pot for growing plants” recorded by 1959.


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