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[plash] /plæʃ/

a gentle splash.
a pool or puddle.
verb (used with or without object)
to splash gently.
[plash] /plæʃ/
verb (used with object)
verb, noun
a less common word for splash
another word for pleach

“small puddle, shallow pool, wet ground,” Old English plæsc “pool of water, puddle,” probably imitative (cf. Dutch plass “pool”). Meaning “noise made by splashing” is first recorded 1510s.

“to splash,” 1580s, from plash (n.) and also imitative (cf. Dutch plassen, German platschen). Related: Plashed; plashing.

“to interlace,” late 15c., from Old French plaissier, from Latin plectere “to plait” (see complex (adj.)). Related: Plashed; plashing.


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