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Anatomy. an antibody-secreting cell, derived from B cells, that plays a major role in antibody-mediated immunity.

plasma cell n.
An antibody-producing lymphocyte derived from a B cell upon reaction with a specific antigen. Also called plasmacyte.
plasma cell
A lymphocyte that originates from a B cell and produces antibodies as part of a humoral immune response. See Note at antibody.


Read Also:

  • Plasma cell leukemia

    plasma cell leukemia n. A disease characterized by leukocytosis and other symptoms suggestive of leukemia and associated with diffuse infiltration and aggregation of plasma cells in the spleen, liver, bone marrow, and lymph nodes and by significant numbers of plasma cells in the blood.

  • Plasma cell mastitis

    plasma cell mastitis n. A condition of the breast characterized by tumorlike indurated masses containing numerous plasma cells.

  • Plasma cell myeloma

    plasma cell myeloma n. A malignant plasmacytoma of bone.

  • Plasmacrit

    plasmacrit plas·ma·crit (plāz’mə-krĭt’) n. The percentage of the volume of blood occupied by plasma.

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