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[plaz-muh-pawz] /ˈplæz məˌpɔz/

noun, Astronomy.
the boundary of the plasmasphere, where the particle density decreases very rapidly.


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  • Plasmapheresis

    [plaz-muh-fuh-ree-sis] /ˌplæz mə fəˈri sɪs/ noun, Medicine/Medical. 1. a type of in which blood cells are returned to the bloodstream of the donor and the plasma is used, as for tranfusion. /ˌplæzməˈfɛrəsəs/ noun 1. (in blood transfusion) a technique for removing healthy or infected plasma by separating it from the red blood cells by settling […]

  • Plasmapheretic

    plasmapheretic plas·ma·phe·ret·ic (plāz’mə-fə-rět’ĭk) adj. Relating to plasmapheresis.

  • Plasma-physics

    1. the branch of physics that deals with plasmas and their interactions with electric and magnetic fields.

  • Plasma protein

    plasma protein n. Any of the various dissolved proteins of blood plasma, including antibodies and blood-clotting proteins, that act by holding fluid in blood vessels by osmosis.

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