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  • Plasticine

    [plas-tuh-seen] /ˈplæs təˌsin/ Trademark. 1. a brand name for a synthetic material used as a substitute for clay or wax in modeling. /ˈplæstɪˌsiːn/ noun 1. trademark a soft coloured material used, esp by children, for modelling modeling clay substitute, 1897, from plastic (adj.) + -ine (2).

  • Plasticity

    [pla-stis-i-tee] /plæˈstɪs ɪ ti/ noun 1. the quality or state of being . 2. the capability of being molded, receiving shape, or being made to assume a desired form: the plasticity of social institutions; the great plasticity of clay. /plæˈstɪsɪtɪ/ noun 1. the quality of being plastic or able to be moulded 2. (in pictorial […]

  • Plasticize

    [plas-tuh-sahyz] /ˈplæs təˌsaɪz/ verb (used with or without object), plasticized, plasticizing. 1. to render or become . /ˈplæstɪˌsaɪz/ verb 1. to make or become plastic, as by the addition of a plasticizer

  • Plasticizer

    [plas-tuh-sahy-zer] /ˈplæs təˌsaɪ zər/ noun 1. any of a group of substances that are used in or other materials to impart viscosity, flexibility, softness, or other properties to the finished product. 2. an admixture for making mortar or concrete workable with little water. /ˈplæstɪˌsaɪzə/ noun 1. any of a number of substances added to materials […]

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