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[plas-truh l] /ˈplæs trəl/

adjective, Zoology.
of or relating to a .


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    [plas-truh n] /ˈplæs trən/ noun 1. a piece of plate armor for the upper part of the torso in front. 2. Fencing. a quilted pad worn over part of the torso, for protection. 3. an ornamental front piece of a woman’s bodice. 4. the starched front of a shirt. 5. Zoology. the ventral part of […]

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    [pluh-tee-uh] /pləˈti ə/ noun 1. an ancient city in Greece, in Boeotia: Greeks defeated Persians here 479 b.c. /pləˈtiːə/ noun 1. an ancient city in S Boeotia, traditionally an ally of Athens: scene of the defeat of a great Persian army by the Greeks in 479 bc

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