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[plah duh zhoo r; French pla dy zhoor] /ˈplɑ də ˈʒʊər; French pla dü ˈʒur/

noun, plural plats du jour
[plahz duh zhoo r; French pla dy zhoor] /ˈplɑz də ˈʒʊər; French pla dü ˈʒur/ (Show IPA)
the special or featured dish of the day on a restaurant menu.
/ˈplɑː də ˈʒʊə; French pla dy ʒur/
noun (pl) plats du jour (ˈplɑːz də ˈʒʊə; French) (pla dy ʒur)
the specially prepared or recommended dish of the day on a restaurant’s menu


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