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[pleyt-lit] /ˈpleɪt lɪt/

noun, Cell Biology.
a small platelike body, especially a .
a minute cell occurring in the blood of vertebrates and involved in clotting of the blood Formerly called thrombocyte

1895, formed in English from plate + diminutive suffix -let.

platelet plate·let (plāt’lĭt)
A minute, irregularly shaped, disklike cytoplasmic body found in blood plasma that promotes blood clotting and has no definite nucleus, no DNA, and no hemoglobin. Also called blood platelet, thrombocyte.
Any of the numerous small, round cell fragments found in the blood of mammals that function in the clotting of blood. Platelets contain no nuclei and are formed in the bone marrow from precursor cells called megakaryocytes. Platelets contribute to the coagulation process by adhering to damaged blood vessels, fibrinogen, and other platelets. An inadequate number of platelets leads to uncontrolled bleeding.


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  • Platelet-aggregating factor

    platelet-aggregating factor n. Abbr. PAF A substance released from rabbit basophilic white blood cells that causes aggregation of platelets and is involved in the deposition of immune complexes. Also called platelet-activating factor.

  • Platelet aggregation test

    platelet aggregation test n. A test of the ability of platelets to adhere to one another and form a hemostatic plug.

  • Platelet-derived growth factor

    platelet-derived growth factor n. A substance in platelets that is mitogenic for cells at the site of a wound, causing endothelial proliferation.

  • Platelet factor 3

    platelet factor 3 n. A phospholipid lipoprotein blood coagulation factor derived from platelets that acts with certain plasma thromboplastin factors to convert prothrombin to thrombin.

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