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a scale with a platform for holding the items to be weighed.


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  • Platform-tennis

    noun 1. a variation of tennis played on a wooden platform enclosed with chicken wire in which the players hit a rubber ball with wooden paddles following the same basic rules as tennis except that only one serve is permitted and balls can be played off the back and side fences.

  • Plath

    [plath] /plæθ/ noun 1. Sylvia, 1932–63, U.S. poet. /plæθ/ noun 1. Sylvia. 1932–63, US poet living in England. She wrote two volumes of verse, The Colossus (1960) and Ariel (1965), and a novel, The Bell Jar (1963): she was married to Ted Hughes

  • Platina

    [plat-n-uh, pluh-tee-nuh] /ˈplæt n ə, pləˈti nə/ noun 1. a native alloy of platinum with palladium, iridium, osmium, etc. /ˈplætɪnə; pləˈtiːnə/ noun 1. an alloy of platinum and several other metals, including palladium, osmium, and iridium

  • Platinate

    [plat-n-eyt] /ˈplæt nˌeɪt/ noun 1. Chemistry. a salt of . [plat-n-eyt] /ˈplæt nˌeɪt/ verb (used with object), platinated, platinating. 1. to platinize.

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