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Play a losing game

see under losing battle


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  • Play around with someone

    verb phrase

  • Play at something

    verb phrase To pretend to do something: Play tennis? Well, I play at it (1840+)

  • Play a waiting game

    Delay an action or decision so as to force an opponent to move or to gain additional information. For example, The lawyer advised her to play a waiting game and see if her husband would come up with more alimony. [ Late 1800s ]

  • Playback

    [pley-bak] /ˈpleɪˌbæk/ noun 1. the act of reproducing a sound or video recording, especially in order to check a recording that is newly made. 2. (in a recording device) the apparatus used in producing playbacks. 3. the recording so played, especially the first time it is heard or viewed after being recorded. 4. the response […]

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