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Play checkers

verb phrase

To move about from seat to seat in a movie theater, soliciting possible sex partners (1972+ Homosexuals)


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  • Play close to the chest

    verb phrase To be secretive and uncommunicative; keep one’s counsel: So you had to play your cards very close to your chest/ Nominees have played their cards close to the vest [1950s+; fr the practice of a careful cardplayer]

  • Play-date

    noun 1. an appointment made by several parents to have their young children play together. noun an appointment made by parents for their children to play together Examples We thought that by 11 years old, we would no longer have to arrange play dates.

  • Playclothes

    [pley-klohz, -klohth z] /ˈpleɪˌkloʊz, -ˌkloʊðz/ plural noun 1. casual, functional clothing worn for sports, games, and other recreational activities, when relaxing at home, for informal occasions, etc.

  • Playday

    [pley-dey] /ˈpleɪˌdeɪ/ noun 1. a for relaxation or for participation in sports contests; a holiday.

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