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[pley-ground] /ˈpleɪˌgraʊnd/

an area used for outdoor or recreation, especially by children, and often containing recreational equipment such as slides and swings.
Informal. any place, environment, or facility used for recreation or amusement, as a resort:
The tropical island is an international playground for the rich.
an arena of operation or activity.
an outdoor area for children’s play, esp one having swings, slides, etc, or adjoining a school
a place or region particularly popular as a sports or holiday resort
a sphere of activity: reading was his private playground

1780, from play (v.) + ground (n.). Old English had plegstow “village sports ground,” literally “place for play.”

A visual language for children, developed for Apple’s Vivarium Project. OOPSLA 89 or 90?


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    [pley-groop] /ˈpleɪˌgrup/ noun 1. a of small children, especially preschoolers, organized for or activities and supervised by adult volunteers. /ˈpleɪˌɡruːp/ noun 1. a regular meeting of small children arranged by their parents or a welfare agency to give them an opportunity of supervised creative play See also preschool, playschool

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