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data, jargon
/playt/ 16 bits, by analogy with byte. Usage: rare and extremely silly.
See also dynner, crumb.
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  • Play-the-ball

    noun 1. (rugby league) a method for bringing the ball back into play after a tackle, in which the tackled player is allowed to stand up and kick or heel the ball behind him or her to a team-mate

  • Play the deuce with

    verb phrase To wreck or damage something: That will play the deuce with his election chances (1834+)

  • Play the fool

    Act in a silly or stupid way, as in Helen deliberately played the fool so they wouldn’t realize she understood their strategy. [ First half of 1500s ]

  • Play the heavy

    Act the part of a villain; take the blame for unkind behavior. For example, She can’t bear firing an employee, so she relies on Jim to play the heavy. This colloquial term comes from the theater, where heavy has been used for a stern, serious role or that of a villain since the early 1800s.

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