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[pley-wair] /ˈpleɪˌwɛər/



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  • Playwright

    [pley-rahyt] /ˈpleɪˌraɪt/ noun 1. a writer of ; dramatist. /ˈpleɪˌraɪt/ noun 1. a person who writes plays n. 1680s, from play (n.) + wright.

  • Playwriting

    [pley-rahy-ting] /ˈpleɪˌraɪ tɪŋ/ noun 1. the art or technique of , ; the work or profession of a playwright.

  • Plaza

    [plah-zuh, plaz-uh] /ˈplɑ zə, ˈplæz ə/ noun 1. a public square or open space in a city or town. 2. . 3. an area along an expressway where public facilities, as service stations and rest rooms, are available. /ˈplɑːzə; Spanish ˈplaθa/ noun 1. an open space or square, esp in Spain or a Spanish-speaking country […]

  • Plaza-de-toros

    [Spanish plah-sah th e taw-raws, plah-thah; English plah-zuh dey tawr-ohs, tohr-, plaz-uh] /Spanish ˈplɑ sɑ ðɛ ˈtɔ rɔs, ˈplɑ θɑ; English ˈplɑ zə deɪ ˈtɔr oʊs, ˈtoʊr-, ˈplæz ə/ noun, plural plazas de toros [Spanish plah-sahs th e taw-raws, plah-thahs; English plah-zuh z dey tawr-ohs, tohr-, plaz-uh z] /Spanish ˈplɑ sɑs ðɛ ˈtɔ rɔs, ˈplɑ […]

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