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[pli-kah-nawf, -nof; Russian plyi-khah-nuh f] /plɪˈkɑ nɔf, -nɒf; Russian plyɪˈxɑ nəf/

Georgi (or Georgy) Valentinovich
[gyi-awr-gyee-vuh-lyin-tyee-nuh-vyich] /gyɪˈɔr gyi və lyɪnˈtyi nə vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1857–1918, Russian philosopher and leader of the Mensheviks.
/Russian pljɪˈçɑnof/
Georgi Valentinovich (ˈɡjɪorɡji valɪnˈtjinəvjɪʃ). 1857–1918, Russian revolutionary; founder of Russian Marxism and leader of the Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party


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