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[plen-ti-fuh l] /ˈplɛn tɪ fəl/

existing in great :
Coal was plentiful, and therefore cheap, in that region.
yielding abundantly:
a plentiful source of inspiration.
ample; abundant
having or yielding an abundance: a plentiful year

late 15c., from plenty + -ful. Related: Plentifully.


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    [plen-tee] /ˈplɛn ti/ noun, plural plenties. 1. a full or abundant supply or amount: There is plenty of time. 2. the state or quality of being ; abundance: resources in plenty. 3. an abundance, as of goods or luxuries, or a time of such abundance: the plenty of a rich harvest; the plenty that comes […]

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    hardware Cable that can be (legally) installed in the plenum (the space between a ceiling and the floor above it). Such cable is (usually) teflon-coated so that it will not give off toxic fumes when burned. In some parts of the world such cable is required by law. (1996-08-25)

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    noun 1. a system of mechanical ventilation in which fresh air is forced into the spaces to be ventilated from a chamber (plenum chamber) at a pressure slightly higher than atmospheric pressure, so as to expel foul air.

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