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[plee-uh-naz-uh m] /ˈpli əˌnæz əm/

the use of more words than are necessary to express an idea; redundancy.
an instance of this, as free gift or true fact.
a redundant word or expression.
noun (rhetoric)
the use of more words than necessary or an instance of this, such as a tiny little child
a word or phrase that is superfluous

1778, with -ic + Greek pleonastos “abundant,” from pleonazein (see pleonasm). Related: Pleonastical (1650s).

“redundancy in words,” 1580s, from Late Latin pleonasmus, from Greek pleonasmos, from pleonazein “to be more than enough, to be superfluous,” in grammatical use, “to add superfluously,” from comb. form of pleon “more” (see pleio-).

pleonasm ple·o·nasm (plē’ə-nāz’əm)
An excess in the number or size of parts.


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