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[plek-suh s] /ˈplɛk səs/

noun, plural plexuses, plexus.
a network, as of nerves or blood vessels.
any complex structure containing an intricate network of parts:
the plexus of international relations.
noun (pl) -uses, -us
any complex network of nerves, blood vessels, or lymphatic vessels
an intricate network or arrangement

1680s, Modern Latin, literally “braid, network,” noun use of past participle of Latin plectere “to twine, braid, fold” (see complex (adj.)); used of a network, such as solar plexus “network of nerves in the abdomen” (see solar). Related: Plexal.

plexus plex·us (plěk’səs)
n. pl. plexus or plex·us·es

A modular World-Wide Web server written in Perl by Tony Sanders . Comes with interfaces to allow many other information services to be served via the Web.
Version 3.0m 1994-07-22 (ftp://ftp.earth.com/plexus/).


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