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variant of .
combining form
greater in size, extent, degree, etc; more: Pliocene

word-forming element, Latinate form of pleio-.


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  • Pliofilm

    [plahy-uh-film] /ˈplaɪ əˌfɪlm/ Trademark. 1. a brand of resinlike rubber hydrochloride that forms a clear, flexible, water-resistant, heat-sealable plastic, used for packaging, raincoats, etc.

  • Pliotron

    [plahy-uh-tron] /ˈplaɪ əˌtrɒn/ noun, Electronics. 1. any hot-cathode vacuum tube having an anode and one or more grids.

  • Plique-a-jour

    [pleek-ah-zhoo r; French plee-ka-zhoor] /ˈplik ɑˈʒʊər; French pli kaˈʒur/ Fine Arts. 1. an enameling technique in which unbacked wirework is filled with transparent enamel, resulting in a stained-glass effect.

  • Plisetskaya

    [pli-set-skah-yuh; Russian plyi-syet-skuh-yuh] /plɪˈsɛt skɑ yə; Russian plyɪˈsyɛt skə yə/ noun 1. Maya (Mikhailovna) [mah-yuh myi-khahy-luh v-nuh] /ˈmɑ yə myɪˈxaɪ ləv nə/ (Show IPA), 1925–2015, Soviet ballet dancer.

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