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[plongk] /plɒŋk/

noun, Chiefly British.
inferior or cheap wine.
(often foll by down) to drop or be dropped, esp heavily or suddenly: he plonked the money on the table
the act or sound of plonking
an exclamation imitative of this sound
(Brit & Austral, NZ, informal) alcoholic drink, usually wine, esp of inferior quality

1874, imitative. From 1903 as a noun. Related: Plonked; plonking.


[wine sense fr French vin blanc, ”white wine”; second sense perhaps fr the dull sound plonk]
networking, abuse
(Possibly influenced by British slang “plonk” for cheap booze, or “plonker” for someone behaving stupidly; usually written “*plonk*”) The sound a newbie makes as he falls to the bottom of a kill file. While this term originated in the Usenet newsgroup news:talk.bizarre, by 1994 it was widespread on Usenet and mailing lists as a form of public ridicule.
Another theory is that it is an acronym for “Person with Little Or No Knowledge”.


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    adjective Drunk (1943+)

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    /ˈplɒŋkə/ noun 1. (slang) a stupid person

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    /ˈplɒŋkɪŋ/ adjective 1. foolish, clumsy, or inept: his plonking response to the princess’s death

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