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[pluhv-er, ploh-ver] /ˈplʌv ər, ˈploʊ vər/

any of various shorebirds of the family Charadriidae.
Compare (def 1), , .
any of various similar shorebirds, as the upland plover and other sandpipers.
any shore bird of the family Charadriidae, typically having a round head, straight bill, and large pointed wings: order Charadriiformes
any of similar and related birds, such as the Egyptian plover and the upland plover See crocodile bird
green plover, another name for lapwing

c.1300, from Anglo-French plover, Old French pluvier, earlier plovier (c.1200), from Vulgar Latin *plovarius, literally “belonging to rain,” from Latin pluvia “rain (water)” from pluere “to rain,” from PIE root *pleu- “to flow” (see pluvial). Perhaps so called because the birds’ migration arrival coincides with the start of the rainy season, or from its supposed restlessness when rain approaches.


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