[plou-muh n] /ˈplaʊ mən/

noun, plural plowmen.
a man who .
a farm laborer or a rustic.

also plow-man, c.1300, from plow + man (n.).

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    /ˈplaʊˌraɪt/ noun 1. Dame Joan. born 1929, British actress, married to Laurence Olivier (1961–89)

  • Plowshare

    [plou-shair] /ˈplaʊˌʃɛər/ noun 1. the cutting part of the moldboard of a plow; share. n. late 14c., from plow + share (n.2). To beat swords into plowshares is from Isaiah ii:4.

  • Plow-steel

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