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[ploi] /plɔɪ/

a maneuver or stratagem, as in conversation, to gain the advantage.
verb (used with object)
Military Archaic. to move (troops) from a line into a column.
Compare .
verb (used without object)
Military Archaic. to move from a line into a column.
a manoeuvre or tactic in a game, conversation, etc; stratagem; gambit
any business, job, hobby, etc, with which one is occupied: angling is his latest ploy
(mainly Brit) a frolic, escapade, or practical joke

1722, “anything with which one amuses oneself,” Scottish and northern England dialect, possibly a shortened form of employ or deploy. Popularized in the sense “move or gambit made to gain advantage” by British humorist Stephen Potter (1900-1969).


A device or stratagem; a move, esp one designed to disconcert an opponent while keeping one’s position; a shrewd maneuver

[1722+; apparently fr Scots dialect; popularized by the late British humorist Stephen Potter]


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