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[pluhm-baj-uh-ney-shuh s] /plʌmˌbædʒ əˈneɪ ʃəs/

belonging to the Plumbaginaceae, the leadwort family of plants.
of, relating to, or belonging to the Plumbaginaceae, a family of typically coastal plants having flowers with a brightly coloured calyx and five styles: includes leadwort, thrift, and sea lavender


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    [pluhm-baj-uh-nuh s] /plʌmˈbædʒ ə nəs/ adjective 1. containing graphite.

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    [pluhm-bey-goh] /plʌmˈbeɪ goʊ/ noun, plural plumbagos. 1. . 2. a drawing made by an instrument with a lead point. /plʌmˈbeɪɡəʊ/ noun (pl) -gos 1. any plumbaginaceous plant of the genus Plumbago, of warm regions, having clusters of blue, white, or red flowers See also leadwort 2. another name for graphite n. “graphite,” 1784, from Latin […]

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    noun 1. (def 1). noun 1. the weight, usually of lead, at the end of a plumb line; plummet n. 1835, from plumb (n.) + bob (n.1).

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