[pluhn-jer] /ˈplʌn dʒər/

Machinery. a pistonlike reciprocating part moving within the cylinder of a pump or hydraulic device.
Automotive. a pistonlike part in the valve of a pneumatic tire.
Also called force cup, plumber’s friend, plumber’s helper. a device consisting of a handle with a rubber suction cup at one end, used as a force pump to free clogged drains and toilet traps.
a person or thing that .
a reckless bettor or speculator.
a rubber suction cup fixed to the end of a rod, used to clear blocked drains
a device or part of a machine that has a plunging or thrusting motion; piston
(informal) a reckless gambler

1610s, “one who plunges,” agent noun from plunge (v.). As a mechanism, 1777.

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