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[pluhs-ij] /ˈplʌs ɪdʒ/

a surplus amount.


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  • Plusses

    [pluhs] /plʌs/ preposition 1. more by the addition of; increased by: ten plus two is twelve. 2. with the addition of; with: He had wealth plus fame. adjective 3. involving or noting addition. 4. positive: a plus quantity. 5. more (by a certain amount). 6. Electricity. pertaining to or characterized by positive electricity: the plus […]

  • Plus-sight

    noun, Surveying. 1. a backsight used in leveling.

  • Plus-sign

    noun, Arithmetic. 1. the symbol (+) indicating summation or a positive quality. noun 1. the symbol +, indicating addition or positive quantity

  • Plus-size

    [pluhs-sahyz] /ˈplʌsˌsaɪz/ noun 1. an extra-large size category of clothing, especially for women. 2. a garment or person of this size.

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