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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Alliance


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  • PMS

    1. . abbreviation 1. premenstrual syndrome PMS abbr. premenstrual syndrome PMS (premenstrual syndrome) [(pee-em-es)] Associated with the retention of water and salts in the tissues for up to a week before the onset of menstruation, the symptoms of PMS include irritability, fatigue, emotional distress, and sometimes depression. 1. Pantone Matching System 2. premenstrual syndrome

  • Pmsg

    pregnant mare’s serum gonadotropin

  • Pmt

    1. . abbreviation 1. photomechanical transfer 2. premenstrual tension 1. photomultiplier tube 2. premenstrual tension payment

  • Pn

    1. please note. 2. promissory note. 1. please note. 2. promissory note. 3. . 1. promissory note. abbreviation 1. Pitcairn Island abbreviation 1. promissory note networking The country code for Pitcairn Island. (1999-01-27) 1. practical nurse 2. pseudo noise 1. part number 2. promissory note

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