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Pneumococcal vaccine

pneumococcal vaccine pneu·mo·coc·cal vaccine (nōō’mə-kŏk’əl, nyōō’-)
A vaccine containing purified capsular polysaccharide antigen from the most common infectious types of Streptococcus pneumoniae, used to immunize against pneumonococcal disease.


Read Also:

  • Pneumococcidal

    pneumococcidal pneu·mo·coc·ci·dal (nōō’mə-kŏk-sīd’l, nyōō’-) adj. Destructive to pneumococci.

  • Pneumococcemia

    pneumococcemia pneu·mo·coc·ce·mi·a (nōō’mō-kŏk-sē’mē-ə, nyōō’-) n. The presence of pneumococci in the blood.

  • Pneumococcosis

    pneumococcosis pneu·mo·coc·co·sis (nōō’mə-kŏ-kō’sĭs, nyōō’-) n. Infection with pneumococci.

  • Pneumococcosuria

    pneumococcosuria pneu·mo·coc·co·su·ri·a (nōō’mə-kŏk’ə-sur’ē-ə, nyōō’-) n. The presence of pneumococci or of their capsular substance in the urine.

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