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[noo-muh-koh-nee-oh-sis, nyoo-] /ˌnu məˌkoʊ niˈoʊ sɪs, ˌnyu-/

noun, Pathology.
any chronic lung disease, including anthracosis, asbestosis, and silicosis, caused by the inhalation of particles of coal, asbestos, silica, or similar substances and leading to fibrosis and loss of lung function.
any disease of the lungs or bronchi caused by the inhalation of metallic or mineral particles: characterized by inflammation, cough, and fibrosis

pneumoconiosis pneu·mo·co·ni·o·sis (nōō’mō-kō’nē-ō’sĭs, nyōō’-)
n. pl. pneu·mo·co·ni·o·ses (-sēz)
A disease of the lungs, such as asbestosis or silicosis, caused by long-term inhalation of dusts, especially mineral or metallic dusts.
A disease of the lungs, such as asbestosis or black lung, caused by chronic inhalation of especially mineral or metallic dust.


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