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[poh-kuh-hon-tuh s] /ˌpoʊ kəˈhɒn təs/

(Rebecca Rolfe) 1595?–1617, American Indian woman who is said to have prevented the execution of Captain John Smith.
original name Matoaka; married name Rebecca Rolfe. ?1595–1617, American Indian, who allegedly saved the colonist Captain John Smith from being killed

(c.1595-1617), daughter of Algonquian leader Powhatan, the name is said to be Algonquian Pokachantesu “she is playful.”
Pocahontas [(poh-kuh-hon-tuhs)]

A Native American princess of the seventeenth century who befriended Captain John Smith of Virginia. She is said to have thrown herself upon him to prevent his execution by her father, Powhatan. She later married one of the Virginian settlers and traveled to England with him.


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