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a long, narrow walletlike case, usually of leather and containing pockets for credit and business cards, paper money, etc., and sometimes a notepad and pencil.


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  • Pocket-square

    [pok-it-skwair] /ˈpɒk ɪtˌskwɛər/ noun 1. a handkerchief, often colored or figured, worn in the breast pocket of a suit or blazer as a fashion accessory.

  • Pocket-veto

    [pok-it-vee-toh] /ˈpɒk ɪtˌvi toʊ/ verb (used with object), pocket-vetoed, pocket-vetoing. 1. to veto (a bill) by exercising a pocket veto. noun 1. a veto of a bill brought about by the president’s failure to sign it within ten days of the adjournment of Congress. 2. a similar action on the part of any legislative executive. […]

  • Pockies

    /ˈpɒkɪz/ plural noun 1. (Scot, dialect) woollen mittens

  • Pockmark

    [pok-mahrk] /ˈpɒkˌmɑrk/ noun 1. Usually, pockmarks. scars or pits left by a pustule in smallpox or the like. 2. a small pit or scar: a tabletop full of pockmarks. verb (used with object) 3. to or scar with or as with pockmarks: gopher holes pockmarking the field. /ˈpɒkˌmɑːk/ noun 1. Also called pock. a pitted […]

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