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[pok-mahrk] /ˈpɒkˌmɑrk/

Usually, pockmarks. scars or pits left by a pustule in smallpox or the like.
a small pit or scar:
a tabletop full of pockmarks.
verb (used with object)
to or scar with or as with pockmarks:
gopher holes pockmarking the field.
abounding in pockmarks
Also called pock. a pitted scar left on the skin after the healing of a smallpox or similar pustule
any pitting of a surface that resembles or suggests such scars
(transitive) to scar or pit (a surface) with pockmarks

pockmark pock·mark (pŏk’märk’)
A pitlike scar that is left on the skin by smallpox or another eruptive disease.
pock’marked’ adj.


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