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[puh-dahy-uh-trist, poh-] /pəˈdaɪ ə trɪst, poʊ-/

a person qualified to diagnose and treat foot disorders.


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  • Podiatry

    [puh-dahy-uh-tree, poh-] /pəˈdaɪ ə tri, poʊ-/ noun 1. the care of the human foot, especially the diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders. /pɒˈdaiətrɪ/ noun 1. another word for chiropody n. 1914, formed from Greek pod-, stem of pous “foot” (see foot (n.)) + iatreia “healing,” from iatros “physician” (see -iatric). An attempt to supplant chiropody […]

  • Podite

    [pod-ahyt] /ˈpɒd aɪt/ noun 1. an arthropod limb. 2. a podomere.

  • Podium

    [poh-dee-uh m] /ˈpoʊ di əm/ noun, plural podiums, podia [poh-dee-uh] /ˈpoʊ di ə/ (Show IPA) 1. a small platform for the conductor of an orchestra, for a public speaker, etc. 2. Architecture. 3. . 4. a counter or booth, as one at an airport for handling tickets or dispensing information. 5. Zoology, Anatomy. a foot. […]

  • Podo-

    1. variant of before a consonant: podotheca. podo- or pod- pref. Foot; foot-shaped: pododynia.

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