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podogram pod·o·gram (pŏd’ə-grām’)
An imprint or an outline tracing of the sole.


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    [puh-dawlsk] /pʌˈdɔlsk/ noun 1. a city in the W Russian Federation in Europe, S of Moscow. /Russian paˈdɔljsk/ noun 1. an industrial city in W Russia, near Moscow. Pop: 177 000 (2005 est)

  • Podomechanotherapy

    podomechanotherapy pod·o·mech·a·no·ther·a·py (pŏd’ō-měk’ə-nō-thěr’ə-pē) n. The treatment of foot conditions with mechanical devices such as arch supports.

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    [pod-uh-meer] /ˈpɒd əˌmɪər/ noun, Zoology. 1. any segment of a limb of an arthropod.

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