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[poh-duhngk] /ˈpoʊ dʌŋk/

any small and insignificant or inaccessible town or village:
After a year in the big city, I was ready to move back to Podunk.

legendary small town, 1846, originally the name of a small group of Indians who lived around the Podunk River in Connecticut; the tribe name is in colonial records from 1656 (as Potunck), from southern New England Algonquian (Mohegan or Massachusetts) Potunk, probably from pautaunke, from pot- “to sink” + locative suffix -unk, thus “a boggy place.” Its popularity as the name of a typical (if mythical) U.S. small town dates from a series of witty “Letters from Podunk” which ran in the “Buffalo Daily National Pilot” newspaper beginning Jan. 5, 1846.


The legendary small country town; East Jesus, jerk town

[1843+; originally an Algonquian place name meaning ”a neck or corner of land,” used for several places in New England; also the name of a small tribe]


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