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Amy, born 1971, American comedian, known primarily for her work on NBC’s Saturday Night Live and her role as Leslie Knope in the TV series Parks and Recreation.
Contemporary Examples

His second guest was Vice President Joe Biden, or, as Poehler calls him, “gorgeous charm monster Joe Biden.”
Seth Meyers Gets Off to a Rocky Start on ‘Late Night’ Kevin Fallon February 24, 2014

Amy Poehler currently stars in the NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation which earned Poehler her third Emmy nomination in 2010.
Amy Poehler Picks Her Favorite Sad Films Amy Poehler January 16, 2011

I ask the girls to tell me the story of how they met (and quickly became the protégés of) Parks and Recreation star Poehler.
Behind ‘Broad City’: Amy Poehler’s Girls of Comedy Abby Haglage January 21, 2014

The rules were simple: Poehler read a line and Martin had to give the character who said it.
Amy Poehler and George R.R. Martin Play Game of ‘Game of Thrones’ Alex Chancey October 28, 2014

But Poehler is, and has been throughout the run of her show, just as good: just as silly, just as madcap, just as witty.
What’s TV’s Funniest Show? Our Emmy Awards Comedy Predictions Kevin Fallon August 20, 2014

That no one under the age of, say, 30 would have any clue what Rudd and Poehler were parodying.
The Romantic Comedy Is Dead Andrew Romano July 6, 2014

Meyers couldn’t ask for two better first guests, something that Poehler was quick to remind him.
Seth Meyers Gets Off to a Rocky Start on ‘Late Night’ Kevin Fallon February 24, 2014

After she indulges, Timberlake tells the world that Poehler is a “terrible kisser” and runs off stage.
Most Memorable Kisses of the Year Shefali Kulkarni December 29, 2010

Clutching tumblers of liquor, Fey and Poehler worked through their fresh loss by turning to drink—and comedy.
Golden Globes 2013: Amy Poehler, Tina Fey & More Best Moments (VIDEO) Kevin Fallon January 13, 2013

That’s the first thing you notice when you talk to Poehler: She’s quick on the draw, always at the ready with a funny reply.
Amy Poehler: The Seriously Funny Interview Joel Keller April 8, 2009


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