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Poetic licence

justifiable departure from conventional rules of form, fact, logic, etc, as in poetry


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  • Poetic-license

    noun 1. license or liberty taken by a poet, prose writer, or other artist in deviating from rule, conventional form, logic, or fact, in order to produce a desired effect. noun See artistic license Also, artistic license. The liberty taken by a writer or artist in deviating from conventional form or fact to achieve an […]

  • Poetics

    [poh-et-iks] /poʊˈɛt ɪks/ noun, (used with a singular verb) 1. literary criticism treating of the nature and laws of poetry. 2. the study of prosody. 3. a treatise on poetry. 4. (initial capital letter, italics) a treatise or collection of notes on aesthetics (4th century b.c.) by Aristotle. [poh-et-ik] /poʊˈɛt ɪk/ adjective, Also, poetical 1. […]

  • Poetize

    [poh-i-tahyz] /ˈpoʊ ɪˌtaɪz/ verb (used without object), poetized, poetizing. 1. to write poetry. verb (used with object), poetized, poetizing. 2. to express poetically: to poetize a story. 3. to make or treat as poetic; poeticize: to poetize reality.

  • Poet-laureate

    noun, plural poets laureate. 1. (in Great Britain) a poet appointed for life as an officer of the royal household, formerly expected to write poems in celebration of court and national events. 2. a poet recognized or acclaimed as the most eminent or representative of a country or locality. 3. (formerly) a poet whose efforts […]

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