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an electric charge considered to exist at a single point, and thus having neither area nor volume.


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    noun, Bridge. 1. a method of evaluating the strength of a hand by assigning a numerical value to high cards and to certain combinations and distributions of cards in the hand. 2. the total number of points in one player’s hand.

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    [French pwan koo-pey] /French pwɛ̃ kuˈpeɪ/ noun 1. Also called cutwork. a process for producing lace in which predetermined threads in the ground material are cut and removed in order to provide open areas for the insertion of ornamental patterns. 2. Also called cutwork lace. the lace produced by this process.

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    noun, Crystallography. 1. an imperfection in a crystal’s lattice structure, either a missing atom or ion creating a vacancy in the lattice or an extra atom or ion between two normal lattice points creating an interstitial. noun 1. an imperfection in a crystal, characterized by one unoccupied lattice position or one interstitial atom, molecule, or […]

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    /pɔɪnt də ˈɡɑːlə/ noun 1. a former name of Galle

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