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Point of honour

noun (pl) points of honour
a circumstance, event, etc, that involves the defence of one’s principles, social honour, etc


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  • Point-of-inflection

    noun, Mathematics. 1. . noun (pl) points of inflection 1. (maths) a stationary point on a curve at which the tangent is horizontal or vertical and where tangents on either side have the same sign

  • Point-of-no-return

    noun 1. Aviation. the point in a flight at which an aircraft will lack sufficient fuel to return to its starting point. 2. the critical point in an undertaking, decision-making process, etc., where one has committed oneself irrevocably to a course of action or policy. noun 1. a point at which an irreversible commitment must […]

  • Point-of-order

    noun, Parliamentary Procedure. 1. a question raised as to whether proceedings are in order, or in conformity with parliamentary law. noun (pl) points of order 1. a question raised in a meeting or deliberative assembly by a member as to whether the rules governing procedures are being breached

  • Point of ossification

    point of ossification n. The site of earliest bone formation via accumulation of osteoblasts within connective tissue or of earliest destruction of cartilage before onset of ossification.

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