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noun, Mathematics.
(def 2).


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  • Point-set

    [point-set] /ˈpɔɪntˌsɛt/ adjective, Typesetting. 1. (of spaces) cast in widths that conform to standard point measure.

  • Point-shaving

    noun, Sports. 1. (especially in basketball) the illegal practice, by one or more bribed players, of deliberately limiting the number of points scored to conform to the desires of corrupt gamblers. noun The illegal practice, esp on the part of athletes, of controlling the score of a game, match, series, etc, so that professional gamblers […]

  • Pointsman

    [points-muh n] /ˈpɔɪnts mən/ noun, plural pointsmen. British. 1. a railway switchman. 2. a police officer who directs traffic, as at an intersection. /ˈpɔɪntsˌmæn; -mən/ noun (pl) -men 1. a person who operates railway points US and Canadian equivalent switchman 2. a policeman or traffic warden on point duty

  • Point-spread

    noun 1. a betting device, established by oddsmakers and used to attract bettors for uneven competitions, indicating the estimated number of points by which a stronger team can be expected to defeat a weaker team, the point spread being added to the weaker team’s actual points in the game and this new figure then compared […]

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