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Point the finger at

Attach blame to, accuse, as in When they asked her who broke the window, she pointed the finger at Tom . Also see put the finger on


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  • Point the finger

    verb phrase To accuse or vilify: Don’t be too quick to point the finger in his case [1829+; the dated instance refers to the finger of scorn]

  • Point-tire

    [French pwan tee-rey] /French pwɛ̃ tiˈreɪ/ noun 1. .

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    [point-tuh-point] /ˈpɔɪnt təˈpɔɪnt/ noun 1. a cross-country horse race between specified points, in which each rider is often free to select his or her own course between the points. noun 1. (Brit) adjective 2. (of a route) from one place to the next 3. (of a radiocommunication link) from one point to another, rather than […]

  • Point-to-point protocol

    communications, protocol (PPP) The protocol defined in RFC 1661, the Internet standard for transmitting network layer datagrams (e.g. IP packets) over serial point-to-point links. PPP has a number of advantages over SLIP; it is designed to operate both over asynchronous connections and bit-oriented synchronous systems, it can configure connections to a remote network dynamically, and […]

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